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About Me

I'm Gabe and my mission is to bring the first Local Craft Kombucha Brewery/Taproom/Lounge in South Florida; a haven for locals and tourists to enjoy hand-crafted flavorful and refreshing non-alcoholic kombuchas and adaptogenic beverages that power your mind, spirit, and health; loaded with fresh flavorful natural ingredients to take on your day like a champ!

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I started brewing kombucha on June 25th 2017 after tasting my first DELICIOUS kombucha and wanting to find more but noticing a lack of craft microbrewery/lounge fusion in the area. With my love for brewing kombucha and lounges, thus sparked my goal to open a non-alcoholic kombucha microbrewery and lounge in South Florida. 
I strive for great service and happy mouths so if something is ever wrong, please contact me and I'll do my best to make things right. :)
-What is Kombucha?-

Kombucha is a premium carbonated and tangy cultured tea beverage with energizing, detox and digestive benefits. Similar to how yogurt is made from adding cultures to milk, kombucha is made by adding kombucha-specific cultures (called "kombucha") to sweet tea. Kombucha can aid digestive function, energy levels, and immune system functionality; additional benefits stem from the organic acids, antioxidants, polyphenol, and micronutrient content present in kombucha. 

A more geeky scientific explanation can be found here:

How can kombucha benefit you?
-Promotes digestive enzymes
-Aids gastrointestinal health
-Detoxification properties
-Immune system boost
-Includes benefits of tea: polyphenols, tannins, antioxidants
-Natural energizer

-Alternative option to soda and alcohol

But most of's the perfect marriage of sweet tea and tangy soda!