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Kombucha Research Articles

Below is a series of research papers/articles regarding Kombucha fermentation, benefits, and other miscellaneous info for the real geeky people out there: Probiotics: In Depth - Understanding Kombucha Tea Fermentation: A Review - Efficacy and Safety of the probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii for the prevention and therapy of Gastrointestinal Disorders - A Review on Kombucha Tea—Microbiology,Composition, Fermentation, Beneficial Effects,Toxicity, and Tea Fungus - Unexplained Severe Illness Possibly Associated with Consumption of Kombucha Tea -- Iowa, 1995 (Due to overconsumption of excessively acidic kombucha vinegar) - Acetic Acid (found in kombucha) promotes Fat Metabolism (AKA Acetic Acid Upregulates the Expression of Genes for Fatty Acid Oxidation Enzymes in Liver To Suppress Body Fat Accumulation) - Benefits of Cinnamon / CInnamon: A Mutifaceted...

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